Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hafis As'ari - Mat Tappered

Hafis As'ari - Mat Tappered

Alarmak! Tapered ada lagi la... Ni kali lebih terok! Sekarang boleh STRAP STRAP pula tapered dia...

You go out, you go shopping, you go pasar malam, to buy jeans, and you ask the apek how much are these, how much ar this and how much is that?

Oh very cheap one, 3 for $10, you choose anyone its till $10, because pasar malam, always cheap what, not original, immitation!

Okay apek, I'll take 3, with the size 32, give me a plastic bag, thank you, I need to go to another shop man. A Tailor shop, to go and alter, my pants to make the bottom smaller, and the rest, as you know, will stay the same THANK YOU apek, WELCOME!

If I were to wear tappered pants, I'll cut my legs off or I rather wear a skirt man, Cause tappered pants looks like SLENGE, No no no no, it look like SHIT!

Hafiz As'ari is now back on the track ho!
Back on the track that make his name hot and famous! From the MRIC world to the internet, now I'm back with a brand new remix.
Whaddup Whaddup with the mat tapered fashion sense where the hell did it go? Dunno!
From the long tapered pants now they got the 3/4 pants with the velcro, Bodoh!
Go to a club that night,
I saw this tapered I'm like,
Woooooaaaah whats wrong with him?
With his fake bling-bling,
And his fake diamond ring,
Walking with his wings open Like he is the king.
King ke bye bye look how he is dressed aight?
Look at the pants look at the bottom so tight!
How could you be with a guy like that,
He look like a gay like that...

Look at my pants man, look at my pants, look at the bottom, it look so cool!

No its not man, you look like shit! Your leg from far look like chopstick! And all you minahs don't think you can escape, you wear tappered, you still I hate, don't care you girl, don't care you boy, you still wear tappered I still hate you all. You all TAIK! You all JUBO! If I have a pole, I'll stick it up your hole. Thats how much I hate all you tappered, all you tappered people can go and DIE!

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